Reviews by Customers:

I really enjoy the sushi here I have it for take out twice now and both times it’s been great. I don’t love the look of the inside of the restaurant but the sushi is delicious and the prices are good . Both times I have the avacado yam roll and loved it .

Stephanie B (Markham, On)

Have been here 2 times, so its about time I write a review for this place. Not an AYCE place, therefore my expectations were slightly higher than the average AYCE. This is an A-OK place, nothing remarkable or exceptional. Price is higher obviously. Beef tataki, thick cut sliced. BBQ grilled squid, there was no teriyaki or bbq sauce on it.

We ordered the party tray including sashimi and sushi. The sushi pieces had a nice clean cut, no rice sticking out or anything. sashimi pieces were thicker than anticipated.  Service was slow because they didn’t have enough servers. There was approximately 5-8 tables during dinner on a Monday evening with only 2 servers. So service was not attentive. When we first arrived, had to ask for water, it wasn’t serve without asking after sitting down for over 10 mins. Had to call server a few times because I guess they were not use to having 5-8 tables for an evening. I had a Groupon which I used $60 value and it came off the total price. The weird thing was they literally told us to tip the original price of over $100…seriously, any regular groupon user knows that. Tips actually mean an add-on appreciation for servers being awesome, not a mandatory piece, that was a turn-off for me.  When the service and food and everything is awesome, I have tipped over 30%, so please be more appreciative…

Jo Jo C (Markham, On)

We went for dinner last Friday to celebrate our anniversary. Four of us order Dinner for 4 with lobster Sashimi for $88. Not bad al all, good quality of Sashimi and lobster was very fresh. Enough to feed 4 of us including my teenager son. We will definitely go back next ime.

Beaver Wai1 (Markham, On)

I really like this place. The sushi is fresh and delicious. They deliver, this is the place we order from in Markham every time we have sushi. HIghly recommend … try the mango tango :)

Brandie D (Markham, On)